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The British architecture firm Storm Architects has modernized a historic estate in Surrey, England, with a large but discreet extension in exposed concrete and whitewashed bricks.

The project, called The Pines, streamlined the floor plan of the house in a traditional style, creating modern facilities such as a combined kitchen and dining room, a home office and a gym and Sauna.

The design by Ström Architect offers these new spaces in a contemporary one-storey addition that is very different from the existing architecture, but which sits comfortably next to it.

“We didn’t want to affect the overall size and Mass of the main house, which is important,” explained architect Magnus Storm, founder of Storm Architects.

The building is built of exposed concrete and lime-washed bricks
The guests are a couple with three mature children. Like Ström, they are originally from Sweden, which influenced the choice of glossy building materials.

The light-colored concrete and brick were designed to complement the existing Palette of white-painted pebbles, black-painted woods and terracotta tiles.

“We wanted a difference,” Storm told Deneen. “The Palette complements the existing one, but has a Scandinavian touch.”

A key aspect of the mission was to bring more light and establish a better connection with the garden. The builders were also interested in the fact that the main living areas are separated from the working and utility areas.

The new layout moves the Garage to the south of the property, closer to the entrance, leaving room at the back for an L-shaped extension surrounding the pool.

The new kitchen and dining room is located in the center, 60 centimeters lower than the main house, with sliding glass doors leading to the Terrace by the pool.

“The lowering of the floor allowed us to increase the ceiling heights and to mount the extension with the natural and gentle slope of the site,” said the Storm architects.

New door openings on each side of a retained fireplace create a natural flow between the kitchen and a comfort behind it.

The kitchen cabinets and appliances are all equipped with a storage wall for a clean aesthetic. One of these white doors also hides the entrance to the corridor leading to the new office, the gym and the Sauna.

The interior design of The Pines reflects the light and warm tones of the exterior with details such as oak cabinets and light-colored porcelain tiles.

The result is very minimalist, similar to previous Storm Architects projects such as Island Rest, a holiday home on The Isle of Wight, and The Quest, a modern retirement home in Dorset.

“The remodeling completely changes the feel of the house and brings light to the rooms,” added Storm.

“The garden, which was redesigned as part of the work, is now an integral part of the design.”

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