Schemata Architects Adds House in Hill


The Japanese office Schemata Architects has integrated a guest house and a Bar in a hill on the coast of an island in the Seta Inland Sea, with large windows that can be fully opened to the surrounding landscape.

The Tokyo-based office was hired by the site owner to create two new structures that accompany an existing house higher up the hill: a children’s guest house called Doubt and an independent lounge and bar for matures called El Amigo.

The slope has the form of a slope that rises gently counterclockwise. The owner is adding new buildings, while the buildings we have designed are a little away from the trajectory to the south, ” explained the practice.

“We positioned them in such a way as not to interfere with the view of the Setouchi landscape from the existing buildings,” he continued.

The guest house has five small rooms, each accessible by a corridor at the top of the hill, ending with a full-height swivel window that can be raised by a system of small steel wire rollers attached to the overhanging steel roof.

A small shower, toilet and dressing room can be found at the east end of the guest house, where a steel spiral staircase leads to a sunroof leading to the main house further up the hill.

The corridor is surrounded by an exposed concrete retaining wall integrated into the slope, while the rooms are seated in a light structure made of wood and reddish-brown steel.

Further down the slope, the El Amigo lounge takes on the appearance of a Bunker. The bar has been sunk into the hill to give a sense of privacy and has large casement and swivel windows to open it to the landscape.

Inside, the underground character of the living room is highlighted by rough exposed stone walls that envelop an island worktop and a sink in the center.

“We designed El Amigo as a hole in the ground to enjoy evening drinks in a warm atmosphere at the table with the host,” said the practice.

“During the day, a soft light reminiscent of the light passing through the Shoji screens filters through the fiberglass roof, [and] you can open the window to enjoy a panoramic view of the ocean, a perfect backdrop for Ryrie (standing) style tea ceremonies,” he continued.

Schemata Architects was founded in 1998 by Jo Nagasaki in Tokyo. The studio’s projects to date include a sporting goods store on Juju Island with accessories made from recycled materials and a hair salon in Osaka reminiscent of an industrial warehouse.

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