Concrete Walls California House by Laney La


Corrugated concrete walls form the lower part of this Californian house from the Laney la architecture firm, while the upper half is covered with glass and cedar.

The aptly named scalloped concrete house is located on a hill in the Manhattan Beach area, just south of LAX Airport, from where you can admire the sea views.

The basement is mainly made of unusually shaped concrete. It has a pattern of inverted curved ridges called scallops.

The material is exposed both outside and on some interior walls, “revealing its shape in the most striking way at every corner,” according to Laney LA.

“Like cliffs carved into the water, the scalloped walls are even etched with the faint grain of the formwork that shaped them,” the Studio said. “Each piece of formwork has been specially milled to obtain the wavy shape.”

Some sections of concrete extend to the windows on the upper level, while the cedar covers all the remaining areas that are not made of glass.

The ground floor rooms have retractable panels that open the kitchen and living room to a concrete pool terrace and a barbecue area.

More shaded outdoor spaces are created by the deep cedar overhangs of the upper floor and the roof.

A retractable door 16 feet long (4.9 meters) frames a green view from the dining room.

In the kitchen, Millwerk hides the majority of appliances and has no visible handles for a minimal appearance.

The concrete forms the backsplash and the countertops, as well as those of a large island with an integrated bench.

The lower level is kept private by the concrete walls, as well as by strategically placed fences and plants.

Meanwhile, the upper floor is much more open, with large windows positioned on all heights.

The balconies overlooking the Pacific Ocean are accessible by full-height glass doors from the rooms.

“With its panoramic view of the sea and the notes of this element in its own walls, the architectural language of this structure speaks of a beauty marked by the ephemeral,” said the Studio.

Founded by The architect Anthony Laney, Laney was on the long list of the Dezeen Awards 2022 in the Urban House and House Interior categories for his HT residence in California.

The Studio joins a long list of architects who have used scallops at different scales for their building facades.

Brooks + Scarpa used the model vertically for a support subdivision in Los Angeles.

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